TM2’s Leah Admits to Using Meth?!

Many of the teen moms and their respective baby daddies have been arrested for drug use many times in the past. Many Teen Mom stars have come under the radar for drug abuse on a reality show.  Now we have a shocking new update where Leah admits to using meth. Leah Messer has denied abusing drugs in the past, but is the Teen Mom 2 star finally coming clean about the rumors that have rocked the franchise for years? Read the article to know more…

Messer’s life was a mess!


The teen mom Leah is also a two-time divorcee, just like other Teen Moms she has her fair share of problems.

Messer had a stint in rehab in June 2015.


As all of you would remember that Leah Messer had a stint in rehab in June 2015 for stress and depression. But, there is something bigger than this. One big secret which she has kept to herself for very long.


Last year a fan tweeted

“You made mistakes in your past but you learnt from them, took responsibility & changed for the better. You should be so proud of yourself girl!” a fan tweeted at Leah.


Leah retweeted the tweet and replied, “We all make mistakes but it’s up to us whether we choose to grow from them or not! I want to be better every single day! #choosetogrow.” However, everyone wanted to more about Lead past which never came out until now. Continue reading on Next Page