TM2’s Leah Messer ALSO Currently Pregnant?! Another controversial news breaks about TM2’s Leah Messer being pregnant. To know more about the story read the article…

1. What?!

First Kail admits (after much denial) that she is pregnant with her child, then this bombshell about Leah drops!

2. brings us all of the details!

Is Leah Messer pregnant with her fourth child?

That rumor surfaced this week, courtesy of a scene on Monday night’s Teen Mom 2 and a live stream quote from her third child, Adalynn. Predictably, Twitter is just about losing its mind.

3. Left out?

With Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska both having given birth in January, and kailyn Lowry pregnant, was Messer feeling left out?!

We kid, but if Leah were expecting right now, all four Teen Moms 2 stars would’ve been pregnant at some point in 2017, which is just…

4. Leah Messer

Not sure what superlative to use there, even. In any case, the rumor got started during a Facebook live video (see above) in which Leah’s daughter Addie seemingly spills the beans.

She whisper to her, “tell them ‘about the baby in your tummy,” and then Addie says it again, though the first time is more clearly audible.

5. Addie spills all..

Leah didn’t react at all to Addie’s comments, but the 24 year old began to struggle with the camera, and deleted the Facebook video. Then there was this on Teen Mom 2….

6. Baby No. 4?!

Leah’s fridge was shown on Teen Mom 2 and it’s covered in sonogram photos!

7. Leah Messer

Regarding those ultrasound images above, the MTV scene in question was filmed at the time when Leah’s sister Victoria was pregnant. She was possibly living with Leah as well, according to The Ashely’s Reality Roundup, so there’s a great chance taht the pics are hers.

8. Leah Messer

Even if the sonograms aren’t of Victoria’s baby, they could be old ones of Leah’s (it’ss possible), as the baby is clearly pretty well developed.

9. Tell US

Kail and Jenelle also hid their pregnancies for months, could Leah be doing the same thing?! Tell us what you think in the comments!

As for Addie’s video, Leah eventually addressed the speculations caused by her daughter with Jeremy Calvert, telling fans on Twitter:

“I am definitely not [pregnant],” Leah wrote.

“I have the IUD.”

10. ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer’s Family Is EXPANDING.