The Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women are no stranger to rumors sprouting up about them and their love lives. Recently, a rumor popped up that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer may have a new man in her life. To know more about this story… ready the complete article

1. Teen Mom OG Start Gossips

The Teen Mom OG starts are no more bizarre to bits of gossip growing up about them and their love lives. As of late, gossip flown up that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer may have another man in her life.

2. Last relationship

The Teen Mom 2 star stood out as truly newsworthy a few weeks back when one of her ex-fling revealed that they had a mysterious relationship in the late spring of 2016.

3. Hot Musician

Now, she’s starting up dating gossipy tidbits with yet another fine respectable man — who happens to be a hot musician!

4. Divorced

The mom of three has been single since 2015, when she divorced her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

5. Rekindling

She had posted her recent photo with her ex-spouse on Instagram, although fans believe that they were potentially rekindling their romance after his split from fiancé Brooke Wehr,

6. For the sake of her daughter

But it turned out that they were simply being cordial and friendly for the sake of their 4-year-old daughter, Adalynn.

7. She is rumored dating

Now, the 25-year-old is sparking up another kind of dating rumor after posting a photo with the lead singer of Adairs Run. She captioned the pic, “Great night with new friends!”

8. Todd Hanchock

Todd Hanchock, hails from her hometown of West Virginia. And Todd himself commented back on the photo, saying, “we had a blast hanging out :).”

9. Fans commenting

Sisstaaaa & Friend 💗

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While most followers were commenting on how happy and great the mom of three looks in the pic, others jumped to conclusions that Leah and the hottie are an item, saying they are a “cute couple.”

10. Leah has said dating is not something…

2017 1st grade field day 🤗❤️ #AAA

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It’s more than likely this relationship is purely friendly, though. Leah has said dating is not something that’s on her mind at all right now, and instead she’s focusing on herself, her three daughters and school.