Here we another Teen Mom Leah opening up about her boyfriend. What does she have to say? Read the article to find out more about the story.

New “mystery man.”


It is said that Leah Messer jokes about, when she is asked about her new ‘mystery man’. If reports are to be believed , fans were convinced the guy she posed a photo was her new boyfriend.

Leah Messer’ boy toy’s?

If you didn’t know Leah is one of the Teen Mom 2 stars in the MTV franchise. Continue reading on Next Page

One of the Teen Mom’s who is single.

People can’t help but speculate about her dating life every time she posts a picture with a guy we’ve never seen before.

About a month ago.


If you remember just a month ago there were some rumors that Leah the 25-year-old was dating the lead singer of an up-and-coming country band who hails from West Virginia just like she does. But now there is a new guy.

Now, again!

The rumors are here again where people are speculating Leah is dating the guy in this photo, Brian Graveley. “I just love this face!” the mom of three captioned the photo along with the heart eyes and kissy-face emojis.

Some speculating Leah and Brian were an item.

“Looks like Jeremy,” once said, referring to her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Just as the other fans have speculated that Brian owns Famous dance studio, where Leah’s daughters take cheer lessons, and it seems from his Instagram pics that he’s not into Leah…or uh, any women, for that matter.

The mom of three.

Leah as soon as she heard about this rumor, she addressed the rumors directly on Twitter, saying Brian is clearly not her new boy toy…because he’s got a husband. If he’s got a husband then what was the photo in question? Lets find out….

The reality star really want to date someone named Brian.

It is such a co-incidence that Brian happens to be the name of her sister Victoria’s (newly) ex-husband? We’re going to go with no. Also the young mom has said she’s more than happy being single and, though she’s not opposed to getting married again in the future, dating is not a priority right now. Leah is trying her best to focus on her three kids and school — she just recently enrolled in West Virginia State University!