Here we have another shocking news where Teen Mom Leah sparks pregnancy rumors after she revealed a photo. Read the article to know more….

It’s been a long time since she dated…


It was reported that Leah had created a Bumble account two years after divorcing her second husband Jeremy Calvert.

Leah is not new when it comes to dating.


Leah being a part of the Teen Mom franchise her dating life has never been private! Now she is pregnant? Read on next page to find out…

Leah had rumors of dating in the past….


It was later reported that while Leah looked for guys on her phone, her daughters helped her mom out in finding her a date!

Did the past dating result in her pregnancy?


Leah was last rumored to be dating Brian both were seen together having good time. Did this rumor result in her pregnancy? Read on next page….

Unfortunately, Leah did not date him..


Unfortunately the guy Brian turned out to be Leah’s daughter’s cheer coach and is already married! But did she find a date?

Leah told MTV producer That she’s dating…


Leah was seen telling the MTV producer she’s going out with a man named Josh who she recently met online. May be this is the reason why Leah is pregnant? Read on next page to know the shocking truth!

Leah is pregnant!?


Leah is expecting another baby? The mom-of-three seemed to spark pregnancy rumors when she shared a picture of herself on Instagram.

The pregnancy hint!


A slight pregnancy hint, it was her loose flowing shirt that seemed to capture the attention of her fans, as one of her IG followers asked, “Are you pregnant again?”