The Teen Mom OG star and her fiancé opened up about their romance. To know more in detail go thru the article…

1. Rocky Relationship

In an attempt to fix the issues in their rocky relationship, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier previously entered couples therapy.

2. Speaking with Brandi Glanville

Speaking with Brandi Glanville on the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member’s Unfiltered podcast a few weeks ago, the Teen Mom OG star – Amber and her fiancé – Matt opened up about their romance.

3. People can change

Matt told Glanville, 44, during the in-studio chat – “People can change and I think that we’re walking, talking examples of people who have a past that have come out on the other side.”

4. I feel so bad for this guy

Amber Portwood, 27, chimed in, “I feel so bad for this guy. … There’s a reason why we’re together. First of all, because he’s a badass motherf—er. Nobody knows this. Me? C’mon now. Everything I’ve been through, you think I’m naive? People say, oh God I get that all the time, ‘You’re so naive. You’re so this.’ We’ve broken up I don’t know how many damn times.”

5. Admittedly split numerous times

Although the couple has admittedly split numerous times — even if only “for a few hours here and there,” according to Matt — they are committed to loving one another and making their relationship work.

6. We love each other like it ain’t nothing

The MTV star explained, “we love each other like it ain’t nothing. But we get through it. Either you move on because somebody did something in their past, or you stay with them. I said, ‘Amber, look at your life. Look at his life. Let’s talk. Let’s do this.’ This relationship — we’ve been to couple’s counseling.”

7. Do you see the love that I have for him?

“Do you see the love that I have for him? Nobody ever says that and I want people to see that,” the Teen Mom OG star said.

8. You know what I want people to know about him?

“You know what I want people to know about him? The novel that he wrote was from years ago. When I met this man, he was an author and he never said anything. And he was getting people telling him, ‘Oh, you have no money. You’re this, you’re that.’ This man was playing poker making thousands of dollars. I’m talking about, that was his job.”

9. Fall wedding is currently on hold

Last week, a source told that Portwood and Baier’s fall wedding is currently on hold — but the couple continues to live and film together. As of right now, Portwood wants to continue to work on their relationship before walking down the aisle.

10. We’ve just been through a lot these past few years

“We’ve just been through a lot these past few years, [and] that has really shut me down from the wedding,” she explained to an MTV producer, adding that she doesn’t trust Baier and that her depression was caused by him.

11. Matt did a lot in his past

But the issue with Amber’s statement is Matt did a lot in his past, quite a few things that fans, at least, are having a hard time getting over.

For example, he lied about how many kids he had (and basically ditched all five-ish of them), hit on two of Amber’s Teen Mom co-stars first, and of course there are rumors he cheated on his wife-to-be recently with a bevy of side chicks.

12. Regain the trust in their relationship

Still, the Indiana gal took him back again and has postponed but not called off the wedding so they can work things out and regain the trust in their relationship.