Here we have another shocking news about the Teen Mom star Amber Portwood Ex-Fiancé Resurfaces & May STILL Be Spending Her Money! Read the article to know more.

Amber dumped Matt Baier

We have already told our readers that Amber had confessed that after years of struggle with her fiance Matt she has finally dumped Matt Baier.


That was a tough decision for Amber but our readers know that Matt was caught cheating on Amber when he failed a lie detector test loaded with questions about his alleged infidelity. 

Amber & Matt

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood and fiancé Matt Baier have had months full of rumor filled drama and while Amber has held her head high throughout…

Lie detector

After so many women came out claiming to have been in continued affairs with Matt WHILE he was with Amber, she decided to put him to the ultimate test. Matt failed the lie detector test about whether or not he had been faithful to Amber or not. After finding out the results, Amber allegedly kicked Matt out of the house and dumped him!

Just In

Just days  Teen Mom OG Season 6B reunion that Matt Baier had stolen about $120K from his and Amber’s joint bank account, it looks like he’s already spending that cash… in the least surprising of places.

Marriage Boot Camp

Matt, who along with Amber recently wrapped filming on WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp, has been keeping a low pro on social media ever since Amber reportedly dumped him for good and told him to “lawyer up” since he owes her money.

 Kicked out of home

Suddenly, the 46-year-old has resurfaced, revealing where he’s been since (probably) getting kicked out of his and Amber’s Indiana home. The amateur gambler posted the above photo yesterday, July 6, from the City of Sin, revealing he’s participating in The World Series of Poker, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Matt paycheck

As we learned on the finale special, Matt’s MTV paycheck was about $27K, but he took way more than that from the account. “Where’s 60 thousand dollars? Where’re 30 thousand dollars? Where’s 90 f—king grand?” Amber yelled at her ex, who called in via phone, at the reunion.
 “You wanna sit there and act like this so now I’m pissed off. Where’s 90 f—king grand at? You just took 30 thousand dollars out. Then you won money and put 20 something back in! He went to Vegas and told me supposedly he won money but came back with less money!”

Amber moving on without him

Amber made it abundantly clear in recent weeks, both on the show and on social media, that she is over the dad of five’s lies and games, and is moving on without him. At the urging of Dr. Drew, she’s also vowed to become more independent and handle her own bills and expenses from now on, rather than let a man do it for her.

October 2017 wedding is indefinitely canceled postponed

Due to contractual obligations, we probably won’t get a definitive answer on the status of Member’s relationship until Marriage Boot Camp premieres. In the meantime, though, their October 2017 wedding is indefinitely canceled postponed and Amber is enjoying her life without Matt, spending more time with her family and 8-year-old daughter, Leah.