TMOG’ Gary Throws Major Shade at Amber!

Here we have a shocking new update where Teen Mom dad Gary throws a major shade at Amber. Read the article to know more.

A rollercoaster relationship.


Gary and Amber finally called it quits while she was serving time in prison for a 2011 drug charge and violation of probation.

Long ended battle.


The teen mama drama was over as the Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley had ended their custody battle over their then 7-year-old daughter, Leah, last May.

Gary Shirley will continue to have the primary custody



After the long custody battle ended it was announced that Gary Shirley will continue to have the primary custody of their daughter, Leah and with Amber agreeing to pay the child support.

Gary moved on


Soon Gary moved on and got engaged to his long time girlfriend Kristina, later he went on marrying his now-wife Kristina in 2015.

Amber moved on as well..


Amber has since been engaged to her now-ex Matt Baier. Unlike Gary, Amber’s new relationship didn’t turn out as good as she thought, so they broke up!

Now Amber’s new date.


Amber is is currently dating Andrew Glennon. Go to the next page to see what Gary said about Amber…..

Recently Gary told…


Gary wants to expand his family now, “Actually Kristina had gotten her tubes tied. I would love to have more kids,”.

Gary wished he called it quits on Amber a lot sooner.


Gary said in the interview, “If I were to change anything [about our relationship], maybe myself towards her, I would have walked away a lot sooner.”