Here we have another Teen Mom story where Mackenzie took a shot at Chelsea. Read the article to know more…

The addiction and carelessness…


His lack of priority towards his family and constantly engaging in drugs has led him to lose the custody of his second child as well.

Worst daddy Ever!


This Teen Mom dad had custody rights of one of his daughters torn away, after examining positive for meth (in a drug test back in April) and amphetamine just hours before he was supposed to pick her up. And Chelsea kinda compared Adam to Ryan…..Mackenzie must be mad, read more on next page…

Criminal Records are not new for Teen Mom dads.. be


He pled guilty to the count. He was sentenced to 30 days in the Yankton County Jail and his driver’s license was revoked for one year with a work permit. He was ordered to pay $612 in fines.

What Chels says about Adam?


On the episode, Chels talks about how Adam never plays with their eight-year-old daughter Aubree when she visits because he’s sleeping, a possible side effect of drug use. “It’s just annoying,” she said. Adam’s constant drug use caused Chelsea to mention Ryan as was involved in a similar situation before… read on the next page to know more….

What happened on Father’s Day?


The reality star Chels also expressed how sad she was when her daughter wasn’t able to spend Father’s Day with Cole DeBoer. “It’s not fair for Cole,” she said. “Why does she have to go over there? He deserves that time and wants it. I just wish he would be around or go away.”

Another Teen Mom has The Same Story

Chelsea said when Ryan seemingly drove under the influence on Teen Mom OG and how Maci had to deal with the aftermath of that. “Her story is almost similar to what’s going on in my life,” Chelsea said of the fellow Teen Mom. “Imagine the kids were in the car? I have it set he can’t drive with Aubree. If that was him and the kids were in the car… That just makes me sick.” Chelsea when mentioned Ryan made Mackenzie very angry, read on the next page to know what Mackenzie did…..

One fan asked Mackenzie…

Judging by Mackenzie’s reply she was furious with what Chelsea did!!

Mackenzie took a shot at Chelsea…

Mackenzie savagely took a shot at Chelsea by sending her a picture that says, “Mind your own business and life will be gravy!”