Finally some good news from the sets of Teen Mom where you can see the Teen mom star Amber’s shocking transformation. Read the article to know more….

Amber had a history of rocky relationships in the past…


As fans know that Amber and her fiance Matt Baier were having issues, and things were not good between them, three years ago in May when cheating rumors surfaced and Matt failed the lie detector test.

Amber finally broke up with Matt.


Amber Portwood didn’t waste any time moving on from ex-fiancé Matt Baier! Both Matt and Amber did not waste anytime on each other after their breakup.

Now she’s found a new man and wants to focus on him.


Amber says it’s surely over between Matt and her, but Amber thinks Matt just can’t seem to let go and focus on her new relationship!

Amber was seen with the new guy on August 7.


Amber recently posted a picture of her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon holding a rose, on her Instagram account.

Coming soon on Teen Mom…


It has been confirmed that Glennon will appear in front of the cameras when he makes his debut on Teen Mom OG.

Amber is very excited about her new boyfriend.


Amber says, “We’re going slow and we’re just trying to be smart about everything, which is good to find somebody on your level like that,I think we just kind of fell into this groove of really enjoying life with each other for a while, so it’s kind of fun and it’s kind of serious in a way as well, but we’re trying not to put too much pressure on a relationship.”

Amber further adds…


Amber says, “It’s been good because we can give each other space, It balances everything out especially when you first break up with somebody. You don’t really want to jump right into another situation, but, you know, some men are worth it, some aren’t. He’s definitely worth my time.”

You can see the change in Amber…


Amber revealed,  “Andrew will be on Teen Mom OG! Yes! We’ve only filmed one time, I think the reason why we are where we’re at right now is because we both have kind of let it flow and then it became more serious and then we became committed.”