OMG! Here we have a new surprising news coming from Teem Mom OG show. TMOG’s Cate & Tyler’s Family is Officially Expanding! Read the story to know more.



Well, this is a surprise Teen Mom fans were not expecting! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra welcome a new and ADORABLE addition to their family and fans are freaking out over the news.

Family Expansion


Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn & Tyler have not made it a secret while expanding their family.

Hard to bounce back


It’s definitely been hard for Catelynn Lowell to bounce back into a normal routine after giving birth to her daughter, Novalee, back in January 2015  and the Teen Mom OG star revealed that while she and Tyler would like to expand their family, she worries about the toll it will take on her mental health.



As our readers know, Tyler Baltierra’s wife entered rehab for anxiety and depression, and she has been open in the past about her battle with postpartum depression.

Want to grow their family


Cate and Ty have talked a lot about how they want to grow their family heck, in the Teen Mom OG Season 6B trailer, she even asks her hubby when he’ll ready for another kid!

Back in April


Back in April, in fact, Cate tweeted to her hubs that she is “ready for another baby,” to which he replied, “me too babe” with a sad face.

Mother of 2


The couple also has a daughter named Carly, who they welcomed on the 16 & Pregnant show back in 2009 and Novalee, back in January 2015.

A baby chick

Newest addition to the Baltierra farm 😍🐔❤️

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Catelynn posted this video on her Instagram account saying, “Newest addition to the Baltierra farm.”