Top 12 Foods To Keep Your Nails Healthy

Before you head to the pharmacy and buy supplements, just read the following lines, you’d be surprised to read that most of the “cures” are hiding in your freezer.

Changing eating habits can drastically improve or worsen your health. That means the more good nutrients you are consuming, the better hair, skin and nails you will have. Almost every person at least once in their life time had a problem with their nails. If you are one of them.
Your face and your hands are the first two things people notice about you. Not only your finger nails speak about you and your habits as a person, but they also speak loudly about your health and diet. If you happen to have thin nails that easily get broken, or if you have white spots on them, or yellow threads down their length, then maybe something is wrong with your entire health.

#1. Eggs

They are the best source of vitamin B, especially the yolk. They will help your nails grow faster, give them strength and firmness. So don’t avoid eggs, unless you are allergic to them.

#2. Almonds

The almonds contain omega 3 essential fats that are incredibly good for your nails and your health in general. Omega 3 essential fats strengthen weak nails and prevents their splitting and breaking. Add one hand of almonds in your diet, preferably in your breakfast, or eat them instead of unhealthy snaks.