Top Deleted Tweets By Donald Trump Since He Became President

Whatever the reason is, President deleting tweets still appears to be a serious matter. Many times, the president deletes a tweet due to a misspelling, including the time he misspelled Karen Handel's last name as "Handle." Or may be the suit alleges the deletion of his tweets "prevent the proper preservation of records the defendants generate or receive when carrying out the president's constitutional, statutory, or other official duties." Here are the few tweets President Donald Trump deleted after posting.

You playef yourself


The tweet from 11 Feb 2017  was deleted after 34 minutes. He accidentally typed “playef” instead of “played” in his tweet. (To be fair, the D and F keys are pretty close together.)

I hearby demand


Trump deleted two tweets after two typos for “hereby.” He tweeted out first “I hear by demand,” deleted it after recognizing his typo in two minutes, posted it again this time with “hearby demand,” which lasted about 12 minutes before Trump realized it’s spelled “hereby.” Third time’s the charm, huh?