Top Deleted Tweets By Donald Trump Since He Became President

Whatever the reason is, President deleting tweets still appears to be a serious matter. Many times, the president deletes a tweet due to a misspelling, including the time he misspelled Karen Handel's last name as "Handle." Or may be the suit alleges the deletion of his tweets "prevent the proper preservation of records the defendants generate or receive when carrying out the president's constitutional, statutory, or other official duties." Here are the few tweets President Donald Trump deleted after posting.

Super Bowl


This was deleted February 5, 2017, two hours after being posted. On Super Bowl Sunday, the president tweeted out a promotion of his appearance on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor. Trump and the recently ousted Fox News host go way back as the milk shake buddies. But the account Trump tweeted at, @oreillyfactor, has been vacant for some time. O’Reilly prefers to tweet from @billoreilly.



Deleted after 41 minutes due to a misspelling, he misspelled Karen Handel’s last name as “Handle.”