Your imagination for a perfect husband can be almost similar to every other woman in the universe. While men have a totally different algorithm to think and act as compare to women. Often female expectations are different than reality.We have curated a list of traits that are most significant to prove whether your man is a total husband material. Read more to know amazing differences.


It is found that intelligent men cheat less and earn more. Scientists from Finland state that women should choose smarter men for a stable and happy marriage. More the smart men earn more money and more stable life.

Physical shape


Every man loves a fit partner and not a super slim model. The scientists from the University of Tennessee state that men and women are more satisfied with a marriage when a woman is in better shape as compared to her husband. The weight difference between the partners is important.

Sense of humor


Both partners should share a similar sense of humor and it is not necessary that the jokes should make everyone laugh. As far as you find your man’s jokes funny is all that matters. According to women a man’s sense of humor is often linked to his intelligence. Read more traits on the next page.. 



Along with being strong and brave being emotional is an important quality that leads to a successful marriage. A man should not hide his emotions to seem more masculine and calm.



According to a study conducted by Shelly Gable, A psychology professor at the University of California, support during good times is more important for partners than the support during bad times.



Every man wants you to work and develop as a professional. According to research working women who are supported by men lead to lesser divorces. Read more traits on the next page.. 



Often most women are financially successful. A study reveals that couple who do not consider the money that important tend to have a more successful and long-lasting relationship.

Living together


This is the most important step in any relationship, however moving in together at a young age has more risks of future breakups as compared to moving in a few years before marriage.



Study proves the couples who have happy childhood tend to have a happy relationship. If your man shares stories about his childhood there is a high chance that your marriage will be more successful.