Travis Scott Does Not Want Kylie To Work Anymore

Travis and Kylie have been totally in love after Stormi’s birth. The couple displayed their love in the form of public PDA and it is surely because of Stormi that the two of them have been stronger than ever. It has been a while since Stormi’s birth and Kylie is all set to head back to work, but Travis does not want Kylie to get back to work. Read more to find out the reason for his disapproval.

Kylie Jenner became a mom a few months back and since then she has become devoted to Stormi


Kylie Jenner had totally hidden her pregnancy from her fans to make sure she has some me time. She also made sure that her daughter was not exposed to the world very early.

The makeup mogul has a huge makeup line which needs to be looked after



Kylie Jenner has a huge makeup line called “Kylie cosmetics”. She has also created a line of clothing along with sister Kendall Jenner called “Kendall & Kylie”. Having such big franchise it requires a lot of devotion to keep it functioning.

 Kylie got back to her routine workout and business just after Stormi’s birth


Just a few days after giving birth to Stormi Kylie entrusted Stormi’s care in the hands of nannies and was back to work and also made sure she gets her slim figure back.

Travis totally disapproves of Kylie to get back to work


Although Kylie initially did not trust the nannies and did not let anyone else take care of Stormi it was time when Kylie’s career and social life did not let her stay away from it much longer. Kylie is finally back to work and Travis does not like it. Now Travis wants Kylie to quit her work. Find out what he said on the next page.