Travis Scott Is Sued Because Of The Jenner Daughter

It seems that the rapper is in big trouble now. His association with the Kardashian family has got him a lot of fame and one can’t really predict negative or positive. The rapper started dating Kylie Jenner and they soon decide to be a family. After recently giving birth to the family it seems the couple has got much closer. However, now Travis issued for some of his acts and we are wondering what they might be. Read more to know what happened.

Travis Scott Started Dating Kylie After She Broke Up With Ex- Tyga


Soon after breaking up with her rapper ex-boyfriend Tyga, Kylie went on dating another famous rapper, Travis Scott. Travis and Kylie frequently kept meeting each other on several occasions publically and in private, this made things pretty clear for the fans that they were a couple now.

Birth Of Baby Stormi



Kylie recently gave birth to baby ‘Stormi’ and her relationship with Travis is getting deeper, the couple has been going out on vacations to cover up for lost time and making their bonds stronger.

Travis Wasn’t Keen On Co-parenting


A source said, “Travis is loving life right now — his career is red hot and he’s raking in the money. This is the lifestyle that Travis has always wanted – performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, private jets, champagne, parties — he’s really living the high life, when Kylie got pregnant, Travis never pretended he was going to be the model dad … He’s never intended to put his career on ice so he can just sit around at home with her night after night.”

Kris Bribed Travis To Be There For Kylie


Kris bribed Travis according to a source, “Kris doesn’t trust Travis to be therefore Kylie not without a cash incentive, anyway.” Travis was later caught at a strip club in December 2017, where Kris asked him, “Kris asked him point-blank if he was going to be there for Kylie, and he wouldn’t give her an answer. So, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”However, things soon changed between them. Now Travis is sued because of the Kardashian -Jenner Daughter. Find out on the next page..