Trevor Thompson Threatens The Kardashian’s With A Tell-All Book

While people are busy criticizing Tristan for his acts his father is following some other way of dealing with things. Khloe and Tristan have been going through so many complications after the cheating scandal. Khloe is yet to speak up about the allegation which is put on Tristan. These allegations which were made on Tristan are really affecting Khloe and her baby. She is keeping them aside for now and concentration on the baby and her health. Continue reading more about what Tristan’s dad had to say about it.

Khloe Living Alone At The Mansion In Ohio


Khloe moved to Cleveland just to be with Travis in her last pregnancy days but was living alone in the mansion while Tristan was busy cheating on her in New York.

Kardashians Mad At Tristan



Khloe’s family is exceptionally angry with Tristan. ‘The Kardashian family has been exceptionally cool towards Tristan since the outrage broke. They aren’t satisfied with him at all and are shattered for Khloe,’ said a companion.

Tristan Was Able To See His Daughter


He has been able to see their newborn daughter True, who was born on April 12, as Khloe permitted him in the delivery room so he could bond with the baby not long after she was born.

Trevor’s Claim


There’s a lot that’s going in between Khloe and Tristan and Trevor Thompson claims that he knows plenty about the relationship between his son and Khloe Kardashian. Click next to read more about what Trevor had to say to his son.