Tristan Takes Advantage Of Khloe’s Forgiveness Slams Her With Nasty Demands

All the fans and haters were all eager to get a word out of Tristan and it seems their wishes have come true. Tristan Thompson was caught on a cheating spree a few days before his baby mama was about to deliver his daughter. The NBA star was met with a  lot of dissing comments and hatred from all over the world. The star did not respond since then and also did not comment on the birth of his daughter. Tristan has finally decided to voice his opinions. Read more to know more about his nasty demands.

Khloe has finally forgiven Tristan for good


Khloe has forgiven Tristan and wants to lead a perfect life with him. Khloe went against her family and even fans and proved that  Tristan means a lot to her. Although she did not post any official picture of them getting back together her acts said it all.

Khloe proved her love for Tristan once again



The KUWTK star attended the Cavs game and was seen cheering Tristan Thompson which pretty much cleared the assumptions of them getting back together. She was also spotted a day earlier having lunch with her boyfriend and a few pals.

Khloe also hurt her fans for Tristan


Khloe went further and even upset her fans after her family. After the cheating scandal, all the people were on Khloe’s side and Tristan was made to face a lot of dissing comments and anger from her fans. However, Khloe did not understand her fans love towards her and baby True and went further and barred her fans from her social media.

Now that Khloe has forgiven Tristan, he is making nastily unreasonable demands


Tristan has finally got back on his demanding behavior and instead of being thankful makes some unreasonable demands from Khloe. Find out what he said on the next page..