Tristan Thompson States He Is Happy To Be Caught Cheating

Tristan Thompson has finally poured his heart out and it seems he might have won some sympathy votes too. A month back the NBA star was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian and since then life changed for him. The star faced the wrath of fans also faced some major setbacks in his career as well. Since then star had gone numb and everyone was waiting for him to address the situation. After a month-long silence, Tristan has finally opened up.

Tristan was caught cheating on Khloe


The player was in NY for a match and was caught cheating on Khloe behind her back. The video of him cheating bought a lot of shame.

Khloe still stood by Tristan’s side



The new mom did not want her daughter to have a disrupted life and thus decided to stick by Tristan despite constant negations from friends, family, and fans. Khloe did this for True.

The couple decided to seek help


“Tristan had no interest in going, but Khloe insisted on it,” a source said.“Her sister Kim advised her that it was a good idea, because their relationship was already going to be a challenge with a new baby around, let alone a cheating scandal hanging over their heads.”

They went for a couple’s therapy and seems it worked


The couple decided to go for a couple’s therapy on Khloe’s adamant demands and attended a few sessions it seems things are finally working out between the couple as Tristan has finally opened up about his act. Find out what he said on the next page.