Tristan’s Ex Jordan Craig Just Threw Shade At Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s grey days are not over just yet. After Tristan’s cheating spree it seemed that Khloe has her life straightened out and things are all happy with baby True around. However, it seems things related to Tristan don’t let Khloe off the hook. Initially, it was Tristan and now his ex Jordan Craig has joined in to ruin Kylie’s life. Read more to find out what she did that has affected Khloe and True.

Khloe has been enjoying being a mother for the first time


Khloe recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl- True. Things had been pretty tough for Khloe since True’s birth and just recently it seemed everything is back on track for Khloe.

True has been a blessing in disguise



True has turned the world upside down for both Tristan and Khloe. Their daughter has surely sorted their differences and it seems the couple might soon be back to their earlier romance.

Tristan is also back to Khloe


Tristan who was caught on a cheating spree seems to have realized his mistake and wants to make things better for both the women in his life- his daughter and Khloe.

But it seems Tristan’s ex Jordan does not like this at all


While all things are going well it seems Tristan somehow always ends up hurting Khloe. First, it was Tristan’s cheating scandal and now Tristan’s ex Jordan has decided to make Khloe’s life sad. Find out what Jordon Craig did on the next page.