Tristan Bullied By Fans Even After He Ends The “Kardashian’s Curse”!

The Kardashian’s are known to be one of the most controversial families in the reality tv business. Anyone who has ever been involved with the Kardashian’s has been sucked into controversies that he or she has never dreamed to be in. Tristan Thompson who is also the boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian has finally ended his “Kardashian curse” after winning his latest Cavaliers game, but in spite of ending his curse he was still being bullied by fans on Twitter, read the article to know more…

Many fans tweeted their best joke about Tristan!


Another fan tweeted saying, “Tristan Thompson’s side chick MUST be sitting courtside right now.”

The Twitter jokes didn’t stop there…


Another fan said, “Tristan Thompson out here playing for a new wife and family!” Tristan was really shocked on how people still treated him, did he deserve this??


One of the most shocking tweets!


People tweeted, “It’s a known fact that Tristan Thompson plays better when he cheats on his girlfriend that’s in her 3rd trimester. Cavs got this game in the bag!”