The True UK Culture Described On Twitter #AwfullyBritishFakeFacts

The trending hash tags are terms which relate to big events, or used to represent something important. Sometimes even small communities are represented using hashtags. The #AwfullyBritishFakeFacts is a term which is used to relate to facts that describe UK culture, but not all of them are true. Read the article to know more.

It defines some fun facts like this one.


If this is true you better learn how to queue or you can kiss goodbye to your  academic qualification awarded in a specified subject.

The extreme rule!


Now this fact clearly suggest that how strict Britishers are when it comes to their tea!

Now this is just over exaggerating!


Common! this is just too much, the rainfall conditions are not that bad in the UK. Are they?

Now I think they are just making fun of the trend.


I think now people are just making fun of the hash tag trend, #AwfullyBritishFakeFacts!

Now this is a very true fact.


English is the universally accepted language, but most countries are too egoistic to accept it!

I doubt that!?


I doubt anyone would kill people over naming of these normal buns. Unless they are worth millions or billions!

What seriously!?


If this is true they must really love their paint job! Or they are just plain crazy!

This is my favorite story so far….


The true instincts of a Britisher!