Truly Awesome DIY Ideas to Renew Your Old Clothes

Got a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear? Yeah, I feel your pain! This is an eternal dilemma women face all the time. If you are like most of us, eventually you get bored with the same outfits you wear.

Dye it

You won’t believe dying an old garment can do wonders for styling and creating a fresh piece from things that you love but are not ready to give up on. The procedure is pretty easy, you only have to select a color and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.

Check your mom’s or granny’s closet

As we all know vintage clothes are so trendy now and there’s no better place to look for them than your granny’s closet. You will shocked to find that some bold floral dress, which can be easily transformed into a stylish scarf. Also you can try altering it into a skirt or whatever your imagination brings forth.