Here are some of the coolest and the most amazing ideas to remake your bathroom into something new and interesting. Read the article to know what these amazing ideas are.

1. A novel way to hang your towels

2. Impressive DIY wooden shelves

3. Stylish hanging baskets

A simple and eye-catching solution for storing your bathroom accessories.

4. Magnetic cosmetics board

This one is a real time- and nerve-saver! Click here for a complete video guide on this trick.

5. Convenient toothpaste squeezing

Check out this blog for more extraordinary yet practical ways to store things in a cramped environment.

6. Shelves from pallets

7. Making practical use of limited storage space

8. Roomy shelves for baskets and towels

9. Multi-level shelves

There’s plenty of unused space underneath your bathroom sink to accommodate quick and easy access to all your most-needed accessories.

10. Novel uses for glass jars

11. Wardrobe-mounted hooks

For instance, by using them to hang your hairdryer and curling irons.

12. One shelf — many uses!

13. Magnetic strip for holding small accessories

To keep small metallic items from getting lost, simply attach a magnetic strip to your bathroom wall.

14. Stylish DIY hampers

Keep all your essentials in one place.