After Turning Down Hefner Years Ago Margot Robbie Tipped To Do The Unthinkable

Here is some really shocking news, Margot Robbie years ago was offered to shoot for Playboy magazine by Hefner but she turned it down! We recently got a tip that Margot Robbie has decided to do the unthinkable, read the article to know more....

Margot is well known for Wolf Of Wall street.


Margot Robbie is well known for her bold and amazing acting in the movie Wolf Of Wall street, but due to some reason Margot decided never to do nude scenes in any other movie.

The incident of February 2014


On February 2014, directly requested Margot Robbie to appear nude in Playboy, but Margot declined his offer which created a whole lot of controversy! Margot has shocked the whole Hollywood with her decision, read on next page to know her decision!