UFC is one of the toughest and one of the most brutal sports in the world, it’s not easy for a common man to just get up and compete with a UFC pro. Former UFC champion Jose Aldo left his mark on a TV reporter who joined the Brazilian for a taster in MMA during a hilarious mini documentary. Read the article to know more about the incident.

Thiago Asmar walked into the lion’s den.


During a documentary named Shock Treatment, the reporter films himself pitting himself against some of the toughest fighters in the world to see if he could make it in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Rio de Janeiro.


The naive host linked up with the legendary Nova União gym, the was home to some of the greatest UFC stars of all time including Jose Aldo, BJ Penn, Renan Barao and Junior dos Santos.

Before joining the team…


As some concern for humanity the head coach Andre Pederneiras told the fighters to go easy on the reporter in sparring. Sure he didn’t want the reporter to die.

Jose Aldo put reporter Thiago Asmar through his paces during a gruelling camp.


The reporter had no idea what was coming his way and how brutal was it going to be, “No, he has to suffer,” came the reply.

Cue Asmar being beaten.


Over the entire course of mini series the reporter was beaten up brutally, by the former UFC champion. The reporter was wildly peppered with leg kicks and smothered by submissions while being put through his paces in gruelling drills.

Climactic scene.


the worst part of the reporter’s life was when he came face-to-face with Aldo himself the man regarded as the greatest featherweight in mixed martial arts history. Of all the people in the world it had to be him!

A predictable savage beatdown.


Surprisingly the beat down lasted for a minute Aldo downed the journalist with a couple of stinging punches before leaping on him to deliver some of his trademark kicks, ouch! that must have hurt bad!

Asmar to the mat.


When the reporter fell slam on the mat Aldo displayed his jiu-jitsu prowess and locked in a tight chokehold that turned the stricken screen man’s head purple before he finally let go.