Tweets You Will Understand Only If You Are In Your Late 20s

There are many things in life that you might have planned in your childhood and wait to grow up an become an adult. But turns out the things you planned in your childhood you might not do it ever and think “what a  fool I was to plan things like this.” Here are 10 tweets you will understand only if you are in your late 20s.

#10 Real Meaning Of I’m busy


The real meaning of “I’m busy” is either the person is really busy or just a reason to say I don’t want to meet you or hang out with you. Because it happens very less that you are really busy.

#9 My Adult Face



Well when you were young and stupid, you might see your face and think you are very handsome or very ugly. But as you grow you tend to think if it is really your adult face.

#8 Time For The Talk


One thing dad and son tend to talk after son growing up and getting a job is like what to watch or need to take your mom somewhere or when to have dinner. And that’s the last thing any parents want to say to their kids.

#7 Stressed For Test


Every person that asked “what is your advice to your small self?”  their reply is don’t worry everything is going to work out but the actually they want to say work your ass off. Stay tuned for more on the next page…