Twin Sisters Become The Most Beautiful Twins In The World

Identical twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born in California on July 7, 2010. It wasn't well before their mother, Jaqi, was immersed with comments about the girl' natural beauty. Jaqi initially signed the young ladies to a modeling agency when they were babies, yet she finally chose it wasn't the suitable time. With a 2-year-old child and twins, life was really hectic. But when Leah and Ava turned seven on July 7, 2017, Jaqi took it as a sign. She posted the first photograph of the young ladies on Instagram and had no clue their profile would turn into a web sensation.

This is the first photo Jaqi posted on Instagram


“Aside from the fact that I’m a huge believer in signs and have been told by almost everyone that 7 is a lucky number, I just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them,” she said.

Jaqi said….


“I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.” Since Ava and Leah have always loved being in the spotlight, Jaqi and her husband weren’t at all surprised when they expressed an immediate interest in modeling.


As the days passed, Jaqi saw an ever-increasing number of individuals following the twins’ Instagram account.


Outsiders over the world are in amazement of their beauty, sisterly connection, and talent for catching a minute together. Some have even described Ava and Leah as “the most beautiful twins in the world.”

It had been more than a long time since Jaqi first tried to find a modeling agent.


Much amazingly, this time, she heard once more from almost every single one, requesting to set up an opportunity to meet the young ladies. Jaqi was shocked when the Instagram account hit 15,000 followers… Just a few months after the fact, Ava and Leah now have more than 140,000! The young ladies are currently signed with two modeling agencies.

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