Twitter Serial Killer Arrested After Japanese Police Find Nine Dismembered Bodies

Social media accounts can take your life in danger, like this news came to light. A Japanese man talked to people on their social media accounts and killed them after meeting them. A man has confessed to killing nine people he befriended on Twitter and dismembering their bodies at his flat. You never know what can happen to you, so be safe and browse safely.

Shiraishi was with her


Shiraishi was caught on CCTV walking close to his flat with the missing lady. Shiraishi is right now captured on doubt of surrendering a body, however, more charges could take after. The body parts include no less than two disjoined heads.

Neighbor’s response


A neighbor said he noticed something odd from the flat in August. “I thought it smelled like sewage,” the man said. “It was something I never smelled before.”