Two Killed And Two Injured During A Devastating Shooting In California

As we know there have been series of such incidents since past few months in the country, but this particular country has shocked the California state. In a gun shooting a man killed two people and two were injured along with a officer. Read the article to know more….

Alan Ashmore


Alan seems a normal guy, the 61 year old is from Clearlake Oaks, Calif. Alan did something really horrible that shocked the world!

Alan fled law enforcement


Alan fled law enforcement Monday in the lakeside community, also he may started a small fire as he fled. After Alan fled, he did something really horrifying, read on next page to know what he did!

Soon he started attacking!


As per the reports the attacks started around 11.30 a.m. and stretched over several miles. Alan got in a car and drove all over the city attacking people in an attempt to flee sheriff’s deputies.

The motive for the attacks remained a mystery.


Sheriff Brian Martin said, “We don’t know whether the shootings were all targeted, if they were random or if they were a combination,”. You will be shocked to know Alan further did while fleeing, read on next page to know more….

Lake County District Attorney Don Anderson told…..


He said, “I think he was almost targeting everybody, everybody he had a grudge with and also random citizens.”

Soon Alan went to a Chevron station


He missed while taking a shot at a vendor who was leaving the station, the gunman did then did something really horrible, read on next page….

Ashmore fired at several homes and a car


Ashmore fired randomly at homes and a car, killing a man in a house and another in the car. He also wounded a woman in the foot and shot an arriving California Highway Patrol officer.

Ashmore soon surrendered at a roadblock


Ashmore after a dangerous chase finally surrendered at a road block , many guns were found in his car. Ashmore had a past record, “He spent some time in prison. He’s got several arrests locally”.