Tyga Approves Of Speaking With Kylie Post-Split, Should Travis Scott Worry About It?

After splitting with Kylie Tyga is actually trying his best to get her back in his life. He even asked for a paternity test when baby Stormi was born as it was his only chance to get into the Kardashian family. Tyga to release his new album which is totally based on his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner who is secretly flattered by his gestures. Tyga's recent confirmation about him talking to Kylie even after the split. It can actually be hard for Travis to digest this news. To know more about the facts read the whole article.

His Recent Album


When Tyga talks about his improvement in music, how can you forget to talk about his recent album is dedicated to Kylie.

Kylie And Tyga In Good Terms


After breaking up with Kylie, Tyga actually couldn’t move on from her. Even after a breakup, they are on good terms. It’s good to see when people after a breakup can be good friends.


Situation For Travis


As for Travis, it’s really clear that he has nothing to worry about. He has moved on to Fatherhood really fast. He also has taken some cooking lessons to prove he’s really a good father. Kylie won’t be going anywhere.