Tyga To Confront Travis Scott About Kylie Jenner

After separating from Tyga, Kylie started dating Travis Scott and within one month she got pregnant with a child of Travis. But Tyga wanted an opportunity of getting Kylie back so he was asked for a paternity test. Still, the family believed the child looked like Travis and has features like him. Now that the present couple is doing their best in co-parenting and are happy with each other, Tyga is all set to face Travis and is preparing himself for the meet. Tyga is waiting for the moment when he could bump into Travis.

Travis’s Present To Kylie


Travis has bought Kylie a $1.4 million Ferrari as a push present after Kylie gave birth to Baby Stormi on Feb 1st.

Kylie In Love With The Present


Kylie is all excited about the present which Travis has gifted her after their baby Stormi. She is sharing all the pictures on Instagram which are making Tyga uncomfortable.

The OG For Gifts



Travis has gifted her Ferrari but the OG at gifting the reality star with big bucks rides is Tyga. He is feeling frustrated after seeing all the pictures on Instagram. Click next.