Tyga Finally Makes Revelations About Baby Stormi’s Paternity Test

It’s been a long time now that Tyga and Kylie broke up with each other. Tyga faced so many issues when he broke up with Kylie last year in April. He tried so many ways to get back to Kylie somehow. After the birth of baby Stormi, Tyga started to find ways of seeing the baby as he believed that the child belonged to him. He had demanded a paternity test and everyone was eager about the further results. Tyga has finally spoken about the paternity test, read more t know what he said.

Baby Stormi’s Birth


Kylie gave birth to the baby on Feb 1st and kept her pregnancy as a secret from her fans. Tyga, on the other hand, was broken after hearing the news. He wanted to contact Kylie and talk to her.

Tyga’s Demand For Paternity Test



After hearing the news of Kylie’s pregnancy, Tyga became uncomfortable and the birth of the child forced him to think about a paternity test. He thought that the child belonged to him.

Kylie And Tyga’s Relationship


Tyga and Kylie dated for a couple of years and enjoyed each other’s company. He gifted a Ferrari to Kylie on her 18th birthday and a Maybach on her 19th birthday. Soon they decided to part their ways in April last year.

Paternity Test


Tyga so wanted Kylie back in her life that he was finding ways to get her back. He thought that the child belonged to him and asked for a paternity DNA test. Click next to read more about the Tyga’s steps which he took to get back Kylie.