Tyga Seeks Help From Scott Disick To Win Kylie Back!

You never really can't get over your exes isn't it? When it comes to celebs it really seems unbelievable. But there are a few who can never really get over their first love. The love triangle of Kylie Jenner her boyfriend Travis Scott and ex lover Tyga is totally mysterious. The now couple Kylie and Travis have recently become proud parents of a baby girl and this has really brought them close. However it seems Tyga is still stuck on Kylie and is trying different ways to win her back. His recent act has created a big stir amongst everyone. Read more to know what Scott Disick has to do with it. Read the article to know more...

Kylie recently gave birth to baby Stormi and her relationship with Travis is getting deeper.


Kylie recently gave birth to baby ‘Stormi’ and her relationship with Travis is getting deeper, the couple has been going out on vacations to cover up for lost time and making their bonds stronger. Will Tyga be able to change Kylie’s mind?

Scott Disick has already got his hands full in dealing with Kourtney and Sofia’s fights!


Scott is currently dating Sofia Richie who is just 19-years-old, Kourtney does not like her kids hanging out with Sofia as she thinks Sofia is a bad influence and is trying to be the stepmom for her kids, but Sofia clearly denies all these accusations saying that she just wants to have fun with the kids, she has no intentions of replacing their mother.


Tyga wants to meet baby Stormi and is seeking help from Scott Disick!


Tyga has been drunk calling Kylie and Travis has no idea about, what if Travis finds out about this? If he does there will be no way Tyga would ever be able to meet Kylie or baby Stormi. Find out how Scott Disick is going to help Tyga meet Stormi on the Next Page…