Does Tyga’s Message To Kylie Jenner Indicate Something?

After waiting for months and guessing what actually the truth is about Kylie’s pregnancy, Jenner finally welcomes a baby girl in her life. With speculations about the baby name and all the weird possibilities stated by the fans, every news related to Kylie has been hitting the web hard. With everything happy and blissful around Kylie this time, she has received a sweet message from the rapper. Tyga has sent Kylie a strong message after she gave birth to little Stormi  February and we wonder what might happen next.

Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is an American reality tv personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and web-based social networking identity. She is best known for featuring in the E! reality tv show Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2007.

Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy



Kylie’s pregnancy speculations have been taking her fans on a storm. It was on September 22, 2017, that Kylie announced that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

Kylie Gave Birth To Baby


Kylie recently gave birth to a cute little princess on 1Feb at 4:43 pm tipping the scales at 8 lbs. She likewise posted and uncovered her pregnancy travel with her fans on 4 of Feb before the super bowl.

Kylie Named The Baby Girl


Kylie who recently posted the picture of her baby girl holding her hand on Instagram. Kylie Jenner named the baby girl Stormi Webster. Webster is the real last name of Travis. Stay tuned to know the entire story of Tyga and Kylie on next page…