Here we have another Teen Mom shocking story where Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend’s shady past has been revealed! Read the article to know more….

Soon after her break up Amber started dating a new guy.


Amber Portwood didn’t waste any time moving on from ex-fiancé Matt Baier!  Video of the Teen Mom OG star kissing and holding a new man only weeks after their split is now out.

Amber was seen with the new guy on August 7.


Amber recently posted a picture of her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, holding a rose, on her Instagram account. But we have found some information about his past, that will shock you. Continue reading on next page.

Here new boyfriend will soon be joining the show.


It has been confirmed that Glennon will appear in front of the cameras when he makes his debut on Teen Mom OG.

Amber is very excited about her new boyfriend.


But fans were not ready to know that Amber Portwood went from dating liar Matt Baier to stalker Andrew Glennon.

Yes you heard it right!!!


It was exclusively revealed that the Teen Mom OG star’s new boyfriend was hit with a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. Angeles, Glennon’s ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him on October 30, 2013.

Glennon’s ex requested to the court…


The restraining order said that Glennon must stay at least 100 yards from her at her home, place of work and vehicle even her dog be protected in the order. The ex said that she dated Glennon for three years before she ended their relationship in March 2013.

The shady past….


The ex explains his past, “I broke up with him and he was very upset, [He] hid my keys as I had to leave out of fear. The next day he wouldn’t leave [my] apartment until my dad threatened to call the police.” Later he started calling her after 5 months, she said, “In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat,”.

She revealed more…


she wrote. “On my birthday, [he] showed up at my work under a false name delivering flowers. Security at my work turned him away.” She then accused him of “calling, texting, emailing obsessively and emailing threatening statements. His behavior is escalating and I am very scared.”