UH OH! Things Get UGLY Between Kail Lowry & Vee! Here we have another story from the Teen Mom show Things have got  UGLY Between Kail Lowry & Vee ! To know more about the story read the article.

#1 Kail Lowry

If you’re like the rest of us, we thought that Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera’s fiancé, Vee Torres, were on really good terms…

#2 Jo, Vee & Kail

When Jo first started dating Vee, Kail had major issues with Vee and even stormed off stage of a reunion show because of it…

#3  Isaac

But slowly it seemed like Kail came to accept Vee and her role in Isaac’s life…

#4 Hangouts

At times the two were even seen hanging out without the kiddos so it appeared a real friendship had developed there…

#5 Kail and Javi

But as huge rift has come between the two and strangely enough, it was created by Kail’s divorce from Javi. The issues came to light on the reunion show as the two laid out their sides of the story…

#6 Kailyn revealed

When it was her turn alone on the couch, Kailyn revealed to host Dr. Drew Pinsky she was ready to “end this chapter” of her life by letting her most dramatic season air, explaining herself and getting it over with. She explained that much of her bad behavior this season stemmed from her not realizing Javi Marroquin returned from deployment expecting to reconcile and get back together, only to find her filing for divorce. Her confusion and attitude inspired much of the anger he became known for this season, which led to all of their fighting.

#7 Reason why Vee is upset

Vee is upset because Kail easily gave Javi 50/50 custody of son Lincoln, yet has never considered that arrangement with Jo even though he basically ends up keeping Isaac 50% (or more) of the time due to Kail’s schedule… Vee wasted no time revealing she wanted Jo to get 5o/50 custody of Isaac, which made Kailyn Lowry “very pissed off” pretty quickly.

#8 Custody arrangement for Isaac

Kail gets upset at even the suggestion of putting a 50/50 custody arrangement for Isaac in writing and basically tells Vee she has no place inserting herself into she and Jo’s decisions for shared son Isaac!

#9 Respect

According to Vee, Jo picked up and moved to Delaware after Kailyn and Javi built a life here, so they should be given a little respect.

#10 Tell US

Do you agree with Vee or is Kail right about Vee not having a say in the matter? Tell us in the comments!