Food varies from people to people and country to country, each country has its own special foods that some people might not agree to. For instance, the British people have some unique taste in food that other people might not find interesting, rather upsetting. Here we have a few examples of some very interesting British food that are upsetting for other people, read the article to know what these Upsetting Food Quirks That The British Enjoy Eating.

Baked beans with ketchup!


Not many people are a big fan of apple & Pork sausages, buttery onion mash, baked beans and chili ketchup. Some people don’t like these two flavors of tomato together.

Omelet with ketchup.


7 years ago #JamieOliver said ketchup is good with an omelette after trying it out, not many people seem to be a big fan of the combination!

Drinks in jam jars.


Sign number one that you are at a hipster restaurant, beer in a mason jar. Some people like their beer in a mug or a bottle, a jam jar just makes this too sweet.

Unique plates.


The idea of serving the customer with something unique to surprise them or to gain popularity is different, but serving meat on a clipboard idea is just too out of the box. This next food item with just blow your mind, read on Next Page to know what it is.

Salad creme the favourite topping!


The idea of having a salad topping on a pizza never came to my mind, but I’m reluctant to say, pizza and salad cream, amazing!!

Which soup would you prefer?


What would you prefer, canned soup that is bland in taste? Or a homemade lentil tomato soup and spicy hummus on Ryvita? Choose wisely! This next food will just make you go crazy, read on Next Page….

Curry, chips and rice!


How about a wee chicken curry with ½ chips and ½ rice for lunch, that way you get to enjoy all three dishes in one!?

The worst food crime ever!


We can understand when you have a bad food day you get a roast with a tiny dribble of gravy, but you know you are having the worst day when you get a roast dish with no gravy at all.

And eating lasagne with mayo.

Understood that Mayonnaise is delicious, but so is the Lasagne. Why do you have to add mayo in all that you eat?!

Rainbow coloured food, are you real?

This doesn’t add to the toastie, it detracts from the toastie.