Vee Tells ALL About Fued With Kail Lowry!

Yet Another spark goes off in the Teen Mom show where Vee tells us all about the feud between her and the Teen Mom star Kail. Read the article to know what happens.

Kailyn Lowry‘s third pregnancy


We all know that Kail the Teen Mom star is currently pregnant with her third baby and she is so close to her delivery, all her fans were in complete shock, as well as her family members.

Expected to have with…


We all know that the Teen Mom Kail is ready to give birth anytime now, whose baby daddy is Chris Lopez.

We also know that Kail opened to Jo.


Kail recently opened up to Jo about her pregnancy, explaining to him that though it was her choice to have a baby but it wasn’t a planned pregnancy!

Jo Rivera and his fiancee Vee Torres


Both Jo and Vee recently discussed how they feel about Kail being pregnant. We all know that Kail and Vee have had a rocky, rocky relationship, but the two eventually came to terms for the sake of their children. Vee din’t want her daughter to look up to someone like Kail, who got pregnant so fast with another man’s baby after her divorce form Javi Marroquin.

The fans were wondering if Kail was offended by Vee.


So Vee wrote on Twitter, “She didn’t get offended. We talked about that convo because I know I was a little harsh. That was also damn near 7 months ago. I had my…”

Vee continues by saying….


Adding, “concerns because I wanna see her so good & I told her this. We are not on bad terms but she understood where I was coming from. Lol”

Vee also felt bad about…


Vee also talked about how she slammed Kail writing, “Yea, I felt really bad about saying “I don’t want my daughter looking up to someone like that”. It was a bad time for me very negative, but…”

Vee explains herself.


Vee says, “I’m not the type to bring a female down for her decisions. Shit happens. We are all moving on & focusing on the future & the new little bebe!”