We all dream to be millionaire one day, have a big house, lots of cars, etc. But it’s not easy being one! We have a way for you to become a millionaire, all you need is patience and dedication! Read the article to know how!

Financial adviser and author of Couples Finish Rich, David Bach shares his insights.


David was only 20 years old when he made his first million, David says to become a millionaire yu need not start with a lot of money, with as little as $2/day is enough to get you there.

David admits their magic number is 20.


David says, “Today, my wife, Michelle, and I each strive to pay ourselves the first 20% of our gross income, smart couples talk about money all the time,” Bach reveals. “When you work together on your finances, you can compound the results. When you don’t, the same can be said for the mistakes you will invariably make.”

Deciding what you are going to invest in can be a difficult task.


For most of us it is very difficult or “next to impossible” to plan our finances, so it is important to do some research. You need to give up some luxuries in order to grow, like stop eating outside food.

You need determination.


You need to have determination to move ahead in life,  you get rich by saving money not by making tons of it.

David had lost all hopes in life.


David writes in his book, “When I first heard about this concept I was doing what most people do — trying to budget, beating up on myself for failing, and then scrambling at the end of the year to find some money to put in my retirement and savings accounts, only to find another year had come and gone and I had not made any financial progress,”

But David is confident everyone is capable of paying themselves


David says, “Make your goals specific, detailed, and with a finish line, if you are not paying yourself first now, that’s probably because you think you can’t afford to,”.

Here is how you can start.


The above image shows how you can start saving, at what age and how much amount!

David recommends!


David Bach says that every person needs to put in some effort everyday to get good results, always aim for the light at the end of the tunnel. An advise for the married, “If the two of you don’t make your finances a priority, they won’t be one,”.