These Weird And Interesting Things Found On Someone’s Property

Has it ever happened to you that you bought a property and when you dug around it you found all these interesting and weird things buried in the property!? Well here are a few people luck or unlucky who found things buried in their property. Find out in the article what these things were!

Finally gold!


Finally someone found something worth while, this man from California used a metal detector in his backyard to find a 8.2 pound lump of gold in 2011. The man sold this piece of gold at an auction for $460,000 but remained anonymous so that no one would go digging around for gold on his property.

A $5 Million Figurine


This man must have done some really good deeds to find such a priceless piece of art, this random figurine of a former Russian czar was found in someone’s home that ended up being worth $5 million at an auction.