Wendy Williams Seeking Revenge On The Kardashian Clan

You must have read about how Wendy has been going super hard on Kardashian/Jenner sisters lately. Kris Jenner back in days wanted her daughters to restrict themselves from appearing on the show. Kris Jenner has been telling her friends and family members to boycott her show. There were times when they had a good equation with each other and also appeared on her show. How exactly have things gone wrong between them, continue reading more!

Wendy Williams’ Show


Wendy Williams’s show has so many topics but the hot topic section has been filled with all the juicy dish and savage things from the host towards the people who she has issues with.

Not Afraid To Make Enemies



She’s never hesitant to make enemies and has truly tightened up the warmth on the Kardashian/Jenner group of late and nobody in the family is beyond reach.

Easy To Target


Wendy cherishes slaying the Kardashians because they put their whole lives on TV and social media which makes them a simple focus for Wendy.

Good For Rating Of The Show


As Kardashians are the family that everyone loves to let down it’s really become the target of the Wendy Williams show. They are really great for rating as any news from the family actually becomes viral. Click next to read how it all changed for Wendy with the Kardashians.