Wendy Williams Seeking Revenge On The Kardashian Clan

Kourtney’s Appearance On The Show


Kourtney even appeared on the show prior to that when she was pregnant with Mason Disick. It was all good and smiling conversations between Wendy and her.

Wendy Was Friendly But Not For Long


Wendy was really friendly towards the family up until Kim’s infamous 72-day marriage to Kris Humprhies in 2011. That is the point at which she began having a fabulous time to Kim’s loss, yet things truly raised when Kim began dating Kanye West.


Wendy Feels Betrayed


Wendy feels betrayed by them so she has no plans to ever withdraw from watching and judging everything they might do. However, Wendy is as yet a fan as well. Regardless she adores the family, and that is the reason she will keep on criticizing them when they venture out of line.