What Does Caitlyn Jenner Have Against Khloe?

Khloe has been going through a lot lately. Her condition before has been worse since the cheating scandal. Khloe has been shutting people off after being seeing what all was going on the internet. Though her family members quickly went to see and handle her in this condition, there are few people who are not so supportive of her condition.

Tristan Getting Cozy With Multiple Women


Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan was seen getting cozy with multiple women during his visit to New York for a game. on top of that, her step-dad is still keeping a distance from Khloe.

Video And Picture Evidences



There have been so many videos and picture evidence which were released on April 10. Since then, more video and moments of Tristan Cheating on Khloe have surfaced.

Khloe’s Baby Girl Entered The World


In the middle of all these, Khloe’s daughter came into this world. So clearly this is an emotional time for Khloe to say the least. Even after all this, Caitlyn refuses to reach out.

Khloe Has To Reach Out


Even after giving birth to her first child and going through so much during her pregnancy, Caitlyn hasn’t shown up still. If Khloe wants Caitlyn in her life she is the one who will have to reach out to her, it won’t be the other way round. Click next to read more about what actually Caitlyn did to insult the family.