Why People Should Never Stop The Car If They See A $100 Bill On The Windshield

If you were in your car and seen a $100 bill on your windshield would you bounce out to get it? For what reason not? Every one of us could use a $100 dollars from time to time. In any case, if you discover cash on your windshield, it could be a sign that something viler is proliferating.

Kyri Viehman, the luckiest woman, and mother.


The Missouri mother took in the most difficult way possible that sometimes it truly is unrealistic. The Eureka occupant took to Facebook to clarify that a $100 dollar bill left on her car’s windshield.

It was a scam!


It was really an unnerving trick to draw her out of the car. It’s an old trap that is sadly touted as the urban legend. Truly, it is real. Click on the next page to know how she was lucky enough!