Why People Should Never Stop The Car If They See A $100 Bill On The Windshield

If you were in your car and seen a $100 bill on your windshield would you bounce out to get it? For what reason not? Every one of us could use a $100 dollars from time to time. In any case, if you discover cash on your windshield, it could be a sign that something viler is proliferating.

At the first, she was happy by seeing that $100.


Luckily, Kyri didn’t see the bill until after she exited the parking garage and was well far from a threat. Things could have been disastrous for her as she had a baby in the car and in the event that it had been carjacked, they would have taken her little one also.

Be aware!


She is sharing her experience with everyone now. It can happen to you too. Especially in this season, because you always carry heavy cash for shopping. Be safe, and act smart.