Woman Receives The Best Texts From Her Dad After She Leaves Her Dog With Him

Not sure if your folks are ready for grandkids? Leave them with your dog! At the point when Meghan Specksgoor needed to visit New York City, she began searching for somebody to deal with her doggie, Chance. At that point, something happened out of the blue. Meghan began receiving unexpected messages from the babysitter. She chose to upload everything to Twitter. Also, reactions from tweeterities were shocking, so read the article to know the entire story.

Chance loves Icecream…


They went on plenty of adventures, bonding along the way.

Cute messages from chance


Nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries!


Now Meghan and Chance are together


The picture really looks so adorable, it will make anybody get a dog.

People’s responses were adorable


And the internet thinks she should get more dogs instead of children.

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