Woman Sets Fire To Husband As He Sleeps For Raping 7 Year Old Daughter

One thing we learn from this is that we should never underestimate a mothers's love for her child, you hurt her child and she will hurt you back times ten!! That is what this 40-year-old Tantanysha Hedman did when she found out that her 52-year-old husband Vincent Phillips had been molesting her 7-year-old daughter. Find out more about the story in the article.

The mother admitted to pouring gasoline on Phillips.

She did it as revenge for her husband “hurting” her daughter. But of course, Phillips’ crime didn’t go unpunished either. It was also found out that Phillips is not the biological father of Hedman’s daughter, the police recommended that Phillips be charged with first-degree child molestation.

Phillips was hospitalized for his burn marks!

While Phillips was in hospital Hedman was placed in jail for assault and arson charges and her bail was set to $500,000. The Renton police after questioning reported that Phillips was doused with gasoline by Hedman while he was asleep in bed.