Woman Sets Fire To Husband As He Sleeps For Raping 7 Year Old Daughter

One thing we learn from this is that we should never underestimate a mothers's love for her child, you hurt her child and she will hurt you back times ten!! That is what this 40-year-old Tantanysha Hedman did when she found out that her 52-year-old husband Vincent Phillips had been molesting her 7-year-old daughter. Find out more about the story in the article.

The fake woman in the picture has been on the web since 2008.

You will often find hr picture included in “crazy mugshot” galleries online. It is said that the fake picture was actually taken back in 2009 featuring a Romanian man who set himself on fire during a protest.

These fake images are often been associated with the story, however, are unrelated and are from different events.

Hedman’s story has attracted the attention of numerous people on the Internet.

Hedman has received a lot of praise and support from other parents who strongly believed she wasn’t wrong for what she did. What do you think? There is even a Facebook page fundraiser started via GoFundMe to help raise money for her bail. As reported soon Hedman was released from jail and was staying at a transitional house for the meantime.